Zorbak's mother
Zorbak's mother
Race: Moglin
Gender: Female
Relatives: Husband: Zorbak Sr.
Sons: Zorbak and Kabroz

This moglin is the mother of Zorbak and Kabroz.

Zorbak says, that he got his scar on his eye when his Mother said to do not run around with scissors and he didn't listen. [1][2][3][4][5]



She lived in Frostvale with her babies Zorbie and Kabby.

Her babies once were trapped in a burning building which the Hero had to save.

Zorbak's HideoutEdit

Zorbak says he currently has a soft spot for his father and mother in the backyard (behind Zorbak's Hideout), under the oak/dead tree, next to the swamp. [6][7]

In AQ when Zorbak was sick, Kabroz said the soup is ready, then Zorbak said that it'd better be Mother's.


Zorbak says that Mom always always seemed to object for some reason about his Necromancy and undead minions and also says he has no idea why she does object, because Zorbak says he "saved her a FORTUNE" when he zombified the babysitter and made her his undead minion. [8]

When talking about his Mother Zorbak says "my *cough*sainted*cough* Mother" [8]


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