Zorbak Young


Zorbak AQW


Race: Moglin
Gender: Male
Relatives: Mother: Unnamed
Father: Zorbak Sr.
Brother: Kabroz

Zorbak is an pure ebil blue moglin necromancer that loves to cause trouble and mischief. He also loves Mu Glen, who is currently "safely" in Zorbak's hideout. [1]

He is with bright red eyes (and had them most likely since birth, because 20 years from DF BK3 ago his eyes were red) and a scar across his left. He wears a tattered gray cloak and his face is always in an evil sneer. He carries a staff with a skull instead of the traditional moglin leaf staff. He lives in his own hideout, somewhat near Darkovia Forest. He has a brother named Kabroz. Zorbak often says he is the most powerful necromancer in the world. Zorbak is featured in many quests and is sometimes an ally to the player.

He is consumed with delusions of grander and dreams of world. All that stands between him and his wicked goal is... a way to actually do it. So if you encounter Zorbak on your travels, be careful what you give him! If there is mischief, expect to hear Zorbak's signature "Meh heh heh" in the distance!

Zorbak can speak fluent demonic. [2]

Zorbak says, that he got his scar on his eye when his Mother said to do not run around with scissors and he didn't listen[3][4][5][6][7], though when the Hero goes back time 20 years from DF BK3, he hits Zorbak on the eye with a rock and gets him a scar.

Zorbak says that his name come from an Old Moglish phrase "Z'hore bauch [8], also says that "Zorbak" is an old Moglin name, passed down in his family for generations. [9][10]



As a baby Zorbak lived in Frostvale with his mother, brother, and probably father too.

Zorbak also asked for Frostval - shipping for a chemistry set, but his mother couldn't afford it.


Zorbak Student I.D.

Zorbak's expired Necromancy University Student I.D. Card, his Student I.D. being 443-55-6, but he was expelled.

Like all other young Moglets, he attended school in his younger days.

In DragonFable Book 3 when the Hero travels back in time 20 years back, the Hero accidentally hits Zorbak with a rock in his eye and gets him a scar, then Zorbak tips over a Necromancy book.

He later transferred to the Necropolis Necromancy University when he decided that the "helpful healing" school of magic wasn't for him. [11]

He didn't stay long at the Necropolis though... they have expelled him.


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