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Race: Human
Gender: Male
Relatives: Grandmother: Nana
Mother: Brimme
Brother: Leo
Wife: Lark
Daughter: Aria
Cousin: Adder

Yulgar is a brown-haired, bearded blacksmith, the Innkeeper of Yulgar's Inn.

Yulgar is a middle aged man. He's a smith that owns Yulgar's Inn. His favorite possession is his old and rusty axe named Betsy. He is renowned for having the only weapon shop in Battleon, and millions flock to his inn to get their hands on the newest equipment. He has a notorious problem for running out of the best items, the so-called rares. He is shortsighted as well, and will kill any mouse he sees. As a side job, he also acts as a DJ for the Battleon Disco.


Early yearsEdit

Yulgar is believed to be a warrior in his younger days.

Yulgar learned his trade from the same teacher as his cousin Adder.


He used to have a blacksmith on Falconreach (now destroyed town), but because of Willowshire needing more weapons, he was ordered to reside there and make Weapons.

He had a apprentice named Konnan, he later became evil.


Lim replaced his store afterwards. Then during the fire war he moved to Battleon where he now resides and his new apprentice, Hans.

The NetworkEdit

The Huntress mistook Yulgar for his cousin, Adder, in her quest for the Weapons of Salvation. Yulgar left the Inn to fight the Network, and he gets a slight crush on The Huntress in the process. His apprentice Hans took his place at the Inn while he was gone.