Wolfwing human


Wolfwing AQW


Race: Human (formerly)
Gender: Male
Relatives: Son: Nightbane
Son's ex-wife: Lady Evina
Grandchildren: Cenara and Edward

Erimus, nicknamed Wolfwing after becoming a werepyre, is a werepyre.



He was once a man like any other until he was bitten by a werewolf and infected with their lycanthropic disease.

Before the disease could take hold, Safiria, the Vampire Queen also bit this man-creature, changing the course of his transformation.

He became something new. A Werepyre, sharing both the strenghts and weaknesses of both nightbreeds.

In AQ Wolfwing is the leader of the Were-Pyres and thus one of the strongest creatures on Lore. Despite his fierce appearance, he on the side of Unity against The'Galin. He seems to be relatively peaceful, at least when compared with Safiria the Vampire Queen and The Were-King. He Transforms you into a Werepyre, if you choose to. He also appears as an enemy encounter, both at full and low strength.

However, neither the Vampire Kingdom nor the Werewolf Nation would have anything to do with him. He was left to fend for himself in the dark. He was alone for centuries, the Lycans and Vampires fought their endless war and he watched. He couldn't even pick a side if he wanted to. He was an outcast. He was feared and hated for hundreds of years by both of his clans.


However, in AQW he allied himself with Drakath, Drakath gave him the power to end the fighting forever, he has grown in power and became the fifth Lord of Chaos. He's found strenght to turn others, vampires or werewolves into werepyres like himself. He wants to build his own clan. He's creating an army of these monsters and he's been sending packs of them out into Lore at night. They are looking for something for Wolfwing. He's a greater threat to Lore than Safiria and the Werewolf king combined. Chaorrupting Safiria's Vampire Knights and the Werewolf King's Lycan Knights and sending them on their opposing factions as a distraction from his plans to have his newly-created Werepyres capture a dragon (the red dragon) to bite during the Mystic Wolf Moon and make into a Dracowerepyre.


In the end he is killed by an arrow shot by Shadowslayer Z. It is unknown if he is really dead, because when the arrow show he turned into a pile of purple dust and after being lighted, he became glowing and his eyes appeared.