The Wisteria (Toxica Blumen) is an enormous, carnivorous, humanoid plant with a ferocious attitude towards obnoxious adventurers who defile the nature around them, and as result, her diet mainly consists of ill-mannered newbies.

It is known to release a highly poisonous spore that causes passer-byes to hallucinate, making them view it as a beautiful young woman lost in the forest. Her alluring visage has tricked many into getting close - too close - to help her. This results in their untimely demise, being abruptly eaten alive by the Wisteria’s blood-thirsty abdomen.


Guru Forest is home to many strange and wonderful creatures, being a favoured breeding ground for Trobbles and Leatherwings, as well as the occasional ‘Potion Master’ Death Doll. It is unmistakable however, that the true heart of the forest lies within the Wisteria’s lair.


The Wisteria is said to be connected to the source of all living plants, and has been called ‘Mother Nature’ herself. Her body is composed of every flower, bud, root, plant etc. known to mankind, meaning if you’re lucky enough, you can potentially pick an extremely poisonous leaf from her as well as the antidote needed to cure it. (She is also the number one source of ‘Paladaffodil’ which is used in restoring Artix’s BLoD).


It’s rumoured that there is more than one Wisteria in the wild, however the only similar creature that has been sighted, is the much more pumpkin-y ‘Stalkwalker’, which has a strange obsession with sugary sweets, much against the Wisteria’s dental hygiene ways. Maybe all the other Wisteria’s left to become dentists…


Warning: DO NOT APPROACH! Wisteria is a Class X creature.

Wisteria FolkloreEdit

An old folklore tells of a hopeless Bard who fell in love with the Wisteria’s fake appearance. He was assured a long and happy life with her; until he was ultimately devoured by the bride at the wedding alter. He was never good with the ladies.

She is considered sacred among Botanists, and is idly sought after by PoisonMistress Alina, as a single scraping from Wisteria’s exterior can be equivalent to an entire store house of Alchemical ingredients.


Wisteria’s tentacles have enough swinging strength to bring down a fully grown gorillaphant, and although against popular belief, the claws she spouts on the end of them are not actually nails, but are instead; the over-grown and rotted teeth from her mouth, which she plucks out when they need replacing. I mean, a lady’s gotta care about her look, even if she IS a monstrous plant, right?

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