Verteroche Crossing is a town. The sea connected to it is the same as Falconreach. The mayor is Faramonde.

Famous Verteroche Dish Edit

A famous Verteroche dish is made of the following ingredients:

The result is "Enormescargot a la flambe with seedspitter salad and Frogzard legs in slimesauce".


The people of Verteroche Crossing have their own pronunciation of spelling.

  • hey - 'ey
  • there - dere
  • hello - allo
  • you - vous
  • this - zis
  • the - ze
  • these - zese
  • have - 'ave
  • heard - 'eard
  • he - 'e
  • how - 'ow
  • just - juz
  • oh - oui
  • must - muz'

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