AdventureQuest Edit

Battleon Edit

Twilly: Hiyas! My name is Twilly, and I am a Moglin. This is one of my favorite towns in the whole wide world-- the town of Battleon!

Hello! Edit

Twilly: I am glad you're here today. There is so much going on that we all need your help. The world is in constant danger!

How do I start? Edit

Twilly: You should start by using the Battle Monsters button, which will take you out hunting for monsters near your level. You'll get gold and experience, which you can use to buy better items and train. Then talk to people you meet to go on quests!

You can learn some basics by visiting my home village of Rugglum.
Choose: Visit Rugglum

Rugglum Edit

Twilly: Ummm.... hiyas! Welcome to the village of Rugglum, my home! What brings you here??

I am just starting to adventure! Edit
I wanted to ask you something. Edit

Robina and Warlic appear
Twilly: Anything for you! I've heard a lot about your adventures! Go ahead and ask away! *hehe*

What do Moglins like to eat? Edit

Twilly: Welllll.... we like to eat just about everything! Except each other. Fish and ice cream are two of our favorite things.

What is the meaning of life? Edit

Twilly: Hmm, that might be more of a question for Sage Uldor. He can be found at Yulgar's Inn, usually in the back room. If I had to guess though , I'd say the meaning of life is this:
Wind hits Twilly
Twilly: urrr....Sorry, I forgot what I was going to say.

Does Rugglum need help? Edit

Twilly: Funny you should ask that! Here comes a bunch of ugly-wugly monsters now that look like they want to go Death Star on my little village! I hope you are high-level!!

= I think I'll leave now! =Edit

Twilly: Well I guess that's all you need to know to start! Go explore town and see if you can get something in Yulgar's shop.
Twilly: Thank you so much for visiting! Come back any time and good luck on your adventures. Woo hooo! Oh, and check out the great big Guardian Tower in town when you get back! You go back to Battleon

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