Twig AQW


Race: Moglin
Gender: Male

Twig is a yellow moglin, moglins don’t get much cuter than Twig. He wears a Red bandana, and is always saying he like fish & ice-cream.

Twig has a strange love for fish & ice cream, mixed together in a creamy casserole served with pickles, gummi bears and some hot chocolate. Twig’s adorableness is amplified with his super cute speech impediment.

In AQ he can be found in the teleporter room, in the Guardian Tower where he plays with the teleporter and sometimes get teleported to Yulgar's Inn. He is the avatar of Peace.



Oishii saved Twig as a baby, but after consuming an elemental orb from Oishii’s spice cabinet, Twig gained the power of invincibility! This orb was crucial to Twig’s survival since very few can survive Oishii's signature dishes.


Twig was formerly Smbdoll's personal Moglin. His owner left him out in the Guardian Tower for too long, though.

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