Your Hero's name
Your Hero
Race: Human
Gender: Male/Female

Hero is the main character you control in the games.



Book 1Edit

In "A Hero is Bored", the Hero is cliff is in the forest of Oaklore. Also as said in the first quest's objective, the hero's origins are a mystery. The first character the hero meets is a dragon, from which's head later walks Lady Celestia with Twilly. The first monster the hero fights is a Gorillaphant.

AdventureQuest Edit

In AdventureQuest the hero is welcomed to the World of Lore by the game. The hero instantly starts in Battleon. The first character the hero sees is Twilly, with Artix appearing a few seconds after. Artix welcomes you to the town of Battleon, introduces everything. The first monster the hero battles, with the help of Artix is Starving Soralag.

AdventureQuest WorldsEdit

In AdventureQuest Worlds the hero starts on a huge, really big mountain, he is struck by lighting and falls down all the way from the mountain into Greenguard Forest, not too far from the town of Battleon and the first person the hero talks to is Lord Brentan, the first monster Frogzard. The second character the hero talks to is Cleric Joy, and the third is Twilly or Galanoth (depending which way the hero goes). He is revealed to be the most important elemental champion of all, but the hero doesn't know yet. Later on, the Hero becomes the 13th Lord of Chaos.