Teral young


Race: Human
Gender: Male
Relatives: Wife: Unnamed

Teral is a retired monster hunter. He says living off the land is a lifestyle, not just a hobby.



He grew up in the Sandsea. In his youth, he got involved with a bad crowd and before he knew it he was part of a gang of thieves, hoodlums more like. His tattoo was a sign of membership. To that his tatto glows in the dark, he says that it is another story altogether.

Monster HuntEdit

He was a monster hunter. At his age he could do more, he says. Teral is quite a scholar, he readed alot of books. He was researching alot maps.


Teral's wedding

His wedding

Sometime he got married.

Hunter's ParadiseEdit

He opened up Hunter's Paradise inn so that adventurers can have a place to go get away from it all. And he figured "what better place for a rough & tough lifestyle than Doomwood Forest?". He thinks you'll find it quite a different atmosphere than in most of the towns.


He says he's retired and for a good reason. He says, besides, he likes this life. He says he doesn't get the adrenaline rush of taking down giant beasts anymore, if his heart could even take it. But he says he gets to help properly equip youngsters like the Hero to better survive encourters. At his age he could do more, he says.


He crafts weapons and gear out of the stuff adventurers bring back from their adventures. Pelts, hides, tusks, the adventurer names it and he can make something useful out of it.

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