Swordhaven AQW

Swordhaven, formerly Dreadhaven and Bladehaven [1] is the grand capitol of the kingdom of King Alteon. After Lord Brentan married Princess Brittany and King Alteon gone Chaos... Brentan became the new king of Swordhaven. But Chaos King Alteon with his Chaos Beast destroyed Swordhaven, it's unknown what will happen to Swordhaven, it will be possibly rebuilded.

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At that time it was ruled by King Timascus.

A great darkness has been looming in the Kingdom of Blade Haven. During a violent thunderstorm the Princess Nadine was taken from her castle room. King Timascus calls for the greatest warrior in the land to go and bring back his daughter. The greatest night, Sir Vatone answers the call, and comes to the king's aid. He gathers with him 20 of his bravest and most skilled knights and mages to go and find the Princess. None of them return. A squire named Alden is outside of the castle collecting wood when he sees one of Sir Vatone's knights. The knight tells him that they all were slaughtered in their guest. With his last breath the knight places a medallion in his hand and tells him that he is bound by law and the forces to continue the guest. The young squire rushes to King Timascus and shows him the medallion. King Timascus quickly tells Alden that he is the kingdom's and the princess' only hope.


  1. An item from Bladehaven in AQW says that it is from the past of Swordhaven