original name Rendfang
(species Draconis Exaltio)
Race: Dragon
Gender: Male

Stalagbite, original name Rendfang (species Draconis Exaltio) is a dragon of some renown. A prideful red dragon, he chose to ignore the nuances of civilization to focus on amassing wealth and knowledge. While his territory was not vast, he protected it fiercely from all those who chose to enter it. Unfortunately, Stalagbite's entire life changed when a mysterious stranger known as Vath approached him...


A certain section of mountains near Dwarfhold


Stalagbite was known for being very passive compared to his other draconic kin. He did not seek out new territory, nor did he plunder villages and towns. He was very protective of his territory, however, and would often challenge even those with the most innocent of reasons.

Above all, Stalagbite valued knowledge as a source of power. He was known to trade wealth and protection for tomes of magic or for works left from older eras. In the darker nights of Dwarfhold, flashes of magic can be seen around his lair.


Stalagbite's original name was Rendfang. He changed his name when he heard a dwarf mention "You'd better stay away from there mountains! There lives a fierce beastie with wings of wind, a tongue of flame, and a mouth like.... like... you know, them pointy things on the tops and bottoms of them caves!"

Here there be dragons, and dwarves, and drows!


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