King Dinkelheim Slugwrath
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Relatives: Son: Prince Drakath Slugwrath
Ancestor: Drageth Slugwrath

King Dinkelheim Slugwrath is one of the most misunderestimated leaders of the distant past, from a time of high technology as well as magic.

Once all of this realm was ruled by him, a wicked power-hungry king. While he ruled the land was darkness. Dinkelheim took it over by unifying all the monsters and enslavaving all of the humans.

A good knight Sir Alteon gathered a band of freedom fighters and after years of bloody battles against impossible odds, Sir Alteon and his friends defeated the evil king.

Alteon had no desire to be king but the people wouldn't hear it. They feared that without his leadership the land would fall again into dark times, so he took the crown for the people.

King Slugwrath had only one son, Drakath. Now this villain seeks the throne. That makes him a threat to the entire kingdom.

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