Slimes (Limus) are a common name for a translucent ooze monster found regularly throughout Lore. Slimes' are a very basic monster, but older slimes can do much damage, so heroes should still be wary.

Behavior and AppearanceEdit

Characterized by two slimy eyes and a gooey gaping maw. Slimes are known for their voracious appetites, and their ability to eat anything that can be absorbed into their squishy membranes. However, because of a Slime’s slow absorption rate, the remains of it’s last meal is often seen suspended and/or sticking out.

Slimes are usually docile creatures,and will attack only when provoked. However, slimes will occasionally attempt to absorb dawdling adventurers.Though a gooup of slimes are considered formidable for beginner Heroes, for veterans, they are deemed an annoyance.


Though not all slimes are desirable for consumption, some species of slime are sought after for the making soups, sauces, and pizzas. Also known as a reagent of significant power in alchemy,dried slime, harvested for various tonics, potions, and elixirs.

Slimes are a source of hair gel as well, the rejuvenating and hydrating properties of the slime make it especially popular among the ladies of Fotia.

Popular as pets in the town of Battleon, they are known as slow but hassle-free, non-picky eaters. However, through intense training,a Slime can be tamed to be a gooreat battle pet.


Although slimes are similar in appearance, they are actually are quite diverse in species.

Common Green SlimeEdit


The most common slime found in lore is the “Common Green Slime.” (Limus commune viridi) often shortened to “Slime” by adventurers. This species of Slime is found primarily in Swordhaven, west of Greenguard and in newbie.

Lava Slime/Purple SlimeEdit


The “Lava Slime” (Limus magma) and the “Purple Slime” (Limus purpura) are often mistaken for the other because both have yellow irises, purple colouration, and the floating brain suspended within. However a key difference between the two species is that the “Lava Slime” has the ability to withstand extreme heat. This tolerance to heat is needed for the “Lava Slime” as it’s habitat is the innermost workings of a volcano,whereas the “Purple Slime” resides in cellars and Swordhaven bridges.

Lava GlobEdit


Lava Glob is the lava slime in DragonFable, but it doesn't look purple like in AQW.

Slike SkullEdit


The “Slime Skull” (Limus calvarium) are commonly found scattered throughout the Necropolis. Supplemented with a green colour, red irises and a signature skull, these slimes are hard to miss. However, due to the dark energies of the Necropolis the strength of these slimes are fluctuate accordingly to where they are found.

Mood SlimeEdit


The “Mood Slime” or Pink Slime (Limus mood) is a seasonal slime that appears once a year on Hero’s Heart Day. They are identified by their rosy pink colouration and fondness for romantic sunsets.



Snowball are a species of slime.



Puddle are a species of slime in water.

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