Skeletons (Corpus Boneheadus), never born naturally, always having a magical background to how it came to un-live. The skeleton always has been a relative simple creature to analyze yet so much mystery surrounds it.


  • Graveyards
  • Battlefields
  • Necro U
  • Sepulchure’s castle
  • Towns without paladins
  • Anywhere really


The skeleton has many forms. From the standard humanoid, to the tri-bipedal, quadrupled armed, double headed cluttered in slime form. They also come in a puzzle package for the young necromancers among us.

They don't speak, when they do, they won't soon after. "Ruuughh!" is as far as their vocabulary goes.

Rare events have been spotted behind bushes where skeletons do show the ability to speak but sssshhh.


Aside from the regular hacking, slashing and stomping, skeletons also have the ability to cast spells though their source has yet to be discovered due to the secrecy of necromancers…. And the devotion of paladins taking the necromancers down before we can talk to them.


Obviously, anyone that does not like the undead is their enemy though most run away from them due to their bone chilling silence.

Dogs though are a different matter. These horrible four-legged fiends keep stealing limbs of this poor species, burying or gnawing on the bones afterwards.

But the random adventurer is their worst enemy. Large in numbers and the uncontrollable urge to smash a skeleton on sight makes it hard for a skeleton to survive long enough to actually start any communication with them. Being misunderstood for so long deprived most skeletons for trying to get into society and just live in the graveyard.


Anything not bent on destroying undead could be considered an ally. Necromancers could be seen as an ally as well since they create more skeletons yet they also put them into slavery to do their bidding so their role is yet to be discussed.


The skeleton can of course be useful in a wide variety. Aside that they can guard places or serve you in other ways, they also make an excellent skeleton decoration in haunted houses. They can lay still for a long time and scare the little children for a good time making it a success for certain.*

When you can’t restrain yourself, skeletons remains are also useful to create bone armors, bone ladles, skeleton head cups, Bone shields, bone weapons and anything you desire really. Or you can just try to re-animate him if you have the magic for it. If you have the proper ID, you can find a manual of “Skeletons and us” in Necro-U for a very cheap price in the library.

  • We are not responsible for any accidental bites, thefts of bones and strike actions.


  • Skeletons are never afraid to "give a hand"
  • Skeletons will use their head if they have to.
  • Artix can never resist to pick a bone with them.

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