Skeletal Soldier (Skeletal Soldier), as the name implies, Skeletal Soldiers are your basic run-off-the-mill cannon fodder for whatever cannon you happen to be firing. You'd have a harder time defeating a trash can than you would a skeletal solider.


  • Battleunder
  • Doomhaven
  • Swordhaven (during undead invasion)


Skeletal Soldiers, by pretty much definition, are not very talkative, on account that they generally lack a functioning tongue. Despite their lack of heart, they will never flee from battle because of their fierce loyalty for their cause (or is it because of their fierce lack of brains to comprehend the meaning of 'retreat'?)


Their favorite TV Series is 'The Walking Dead' their favorite movie, 'Apocalypse Now,' their favorite book, 'World War Z,' and their favorite game, 'Pony Vs. Pony'

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