Ano de Berg'rac the Sixth
Sir Ano
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Relatives: Great-grandfather: Sir Ano de Berg'rac the Second
Great-grandmother: Unnamed princess

Ano de Berg'rac the Sixth, lately a simple Squire, he was knighted along with others of his class and inducted into the Pactogonal Knighthood.


He comes from a long and illustrious lineage, a clan of uncommon Knights. His family has fallen on hard times recently, but he says has a lot to live up.

The HeroEdit

He says the Hero always seemed generous, so he thought the Hero might be willing to consider his proposition. Ano says he could use a little help not falling flat on his face as he climbs up his way up to the ranks of the Knights.

Ano says he studied the Hero's recent adventures and he says it seems that beyond the Hero's talent, good looks, and gorgeous singing voice, the Hero leads a charmed life. He asks the Hero how he would feel about lending him some of that serendipitous success. Ano says he just needs a bit of an edge to get noticed by the right people at Court. Sir Emony is the Knight in charge of visitors to the Court. Ano says Emony refuses to even consider introducing Ano, a new recruit to the King and his daughters. Ano says but if he had some heroic deeds to his name, he will be summoned on his own. He says and then she'd notice him, trying to hide that she wants to only meet the princess.

Sir Ano wants the Hero to come with him, show him firsthand how a hero "heroes, does his hero thing". Ano says Knight training focuses on fighting, but now how to be a hero. Ano also asks the Hero if he could "kind of stay in the backround" when he and the Hero go back to report to Captain Rolith and the patrol leader. Ano says because they'll never think he done the deeds if the Hero is front and center. He says he'll let the Hero keep all the gold and any booty he and the Hero finds. Ano says once his fame is established, they can come out and call the Hero his mentor. Ano says the Hero will be known as [username], the Hero-Maker.