"You cannot stop me! I will become the darkness itself and bring Doom to this world!"
Emperor Valen Pulchure


Sepulchure DF



Race: Human
Gender: Male
Relatives: Wife: Queen Lynaria Alteon
daughter: Gravelyn

Emperor Valen Pulchure, renamed himself Sepulchure was the cursed most infamous DoomKnight who also was the leader lord of the evil Shadowscythe. He wields the Necrotic Blade of Doom. He has a daughter named Gravelyn and a pet undead Dragon named Fluffy.


Early LifeEdit

Early YearsEdit

He was once a mortal man. He was once a great swordsman called Valen - heroic, pure of heart, and ever ready to defend the innocent and weak. Men respected him, boys looked up to him and women adored him. It was said that Valen the Pure-Hearted was so skilled with swords that he never lost a duel, ever. Which is why Valen's greatest flaw was his inability to accept defeat. Of course, he never experienced defeat. His life was blessed with never-ending victory. He befriended the young Alteon (known by the name Alden) and the beautiful healer Lynaria. Together the trio fought the villains of the land into an unstoppable army of the good and overthrew the evil Tyrant King. Valen was not jealous that Alteon took the throne and became king, it was something else King Alteon took that filled Valen with jealousy.


It was no secret that both Valen and Alteon had fallen deeply in love with the same woman. They had a private duel to determine which of them would ask for her hand in marriage. Since Valen had never lost a duel, the few who knew about the fight were surprised to learn that King Alteon married the gorgeous Lynaria.

Wedding DestroyedEdit

But on the day of their wedding, the Champion of Darkness, known as Dethrix, attacked with his army of darkness and kidnapped the queen-to-be, Lynaria. King Alteon was commanding his Knights in the battle to save his Kingdom from the army of darkness.

Valen's AdventureEdit

His only hope of seeing his kidnapped queen-to-be was in the hands of his greatest and most trusted Knight, Valen. Out of loyalty and love, Valen battled alone, slaying countless DoomKnight Overlords to reach Lynaria, who was held prisoner at the bottom of the Necropolis. He reached the lowest level and battled Dethrix, who was the Champion of Darkness, in a final duel that would seal Lynaria's fate.


Valen, the greatest swordman lost. Valen was alone, cold, and dying in the depths of the Necropolis. But even in death he was not willing to accept defeat. He would do anything to win. Anything to save the woman he loved.

Doom ReviveEdit

His plea was heard by the shadows. The Mysterious Stranger appeared before Valen and offered him cursed DoomKnight armor. The armor would consume him, but in return give him the power to defeat Dethrix and save Lynaria. Valen did not hesitate.

Creatures from the Plane of Shadows cannot exist in our world. The light destroys them instantly. Therefore, they must bind themselves to objects. Preferably ones that are wielded with strong emotions: Weapons, Armor, Pens, Books, and so forth. When these things are cursed by shadows, they become known as Doom Items. The shadow creatures themselves are unique, have names, and secret motivations. Some are very powerful and very manipulative. Never strike a deal with an item of Doom. NOTE: Only an item of "Blinding Light" can truly destroy a Doom Item.

When Valen accepted and donned the cursed DoomKnight armor, it grafted to his skin and fed on the goodness within him. The darkness consumed him, converting his love to hate, his fear into hunger. Valen became undead and gained incredible power. He was no longer Valen. An ancient shadow creature of unimaginable power whispered his new name: Sepulchure. In a wave of unpredictable vengeance, he returned and defeated Dethrix, taking his title of Champion of Darkness and control of his armies. The Knight formally known as Valen had saved Lynaria, but it cost him his mind, body and soul. It was going to get much worse. It is kind of unknown what happened, since in The Legend of Sepulchure book a page is missing. Brought Lynaria safely back to King Alteon. Again, a page is ripped.

Sepulchure and LynariaEdit

====Sepulchure has probably stolen Lynaria from King Alteon, because it says and therefore Sepulchure and Lynaria had a child... (which is Gravelyn) Ink stain. Betrayed... Again, acid burned area of the page.====

Rise of the ShadowscythesEdit

And thus, Sepulchure united the villains of the land under the banner of the Shadowscythe and began raising an army. The war between the forces of Good and Evil began.


The Mysterious Stranger warned Sepulchure that the lords of the plane of shadows would try to replace him by sending a forth a shadowborn (one born on the plane of shadows.) Sepulchure became determined to find the shadowborn and eliminate him before he became a real threat. He laughed as he dispatched his undead armies to destroy the child destined to replace him. The undead invasions that followed caused massive devastation. The shadowborn was easy to locate as the undead were naturally drawn to him. However, the undead did not find the child first. Instead it was the good Lady Celestia and the Paladins who found and took the shadowborn. Certain that the darkness-destroying Order of Paladins must have "dealt" with the shadowborn.

Sepulchure turned his full attention back to the war he was about to launch on King Alteon's Kingdom. Lynaria still believed that Valen's heart was pure, beating deep within the thing now known as Sepulchure. No one knows how she managed to be aboard Sepulchure's undead flying dragon castle or how long she was there, but Archillius Webcrick saw her plea.

Lynaria's DeathEdit

She called forth to the man beneath the darkness and he heard her. She attempted to free him from his cursed armor with a spell of pure light that was so radiant, so brilliant that only the fabled Champion of Light should have been able to cast it. But Sepulchure's Doom Armor, moving on its own, lashed out in an attack no mortal, not even a queen, could or did survive.

Undead ArmyEdit

Sepulchure was taught about necromancy by Noxus who created Sepulchure's army.

For nearly two decades, Sepulchure sat alone upon his deathly throne, building his army of the undead which will wipe the living from the world. He was once King Alteon's greatest Knight... but when he made a pact with the darkness to defeat the unstoppable DoomKnight and save the woman he loved, he set himself upon a path that caused him to lose far more. He became the very evil he tried to defeat, and the very armor that was meant to save his true love, became her undoing. Now, deep within that armor where his pure heart once beat, there is only emptiness, loneliness and hate. With nothing left, he submitted fully to the whispers of the darkness, their endless, uncompromising commands to wipe the living from this world.

The HeroEdit

At some point, Sepulchure learned the prophecy concerning the Black and White Dragon Boxes and intended to break it in order to be gifted with the Necrotic Blade of Doom. He also took the young prince Drakath under his service with the promise of restoring the Slugwrath line to the throne.

As per his master order, he launch a massive attack on Falconreach. In the aftermath of the battle, Sepulchure converse with the Doomblade about how the heroes wielded massive number of Doom Weapons agaist them and about The Hero. The blade then ominously told the Doomknight the master has given it a quest and demanded to be leaved right there.

However, he was only able to retrieve the White Dragon Box. Later, Sepulchure hatched the white dragon egg, and turned the baby dragon that hatched into a grown huge dracolich that he named Fluffy.

Elemental OrbsEdit


His goal was to collect the eight Elemental Orbs and to use them to make an Ultimate Orb and use it to become all powerful. He gained the support of many villains across the world of Lore, among them Drakath, Noxus, Queen Aisha, Sek-Duat, and Xan.

The Wind OrbEdit

He later sent Drakath to Sho'nuff island to claim the Wind Orb. When his lackey was defeated by the Hero, Sepulchure and Fluffy personally faced them for the first time and the two engaged in a titanic battle that ended with the Hero's defeat.

He revealed that he broke a prophecy that one dragon would save the world and the other would try to destroy it by having turned the one destined to save the world, the white dragon, into his dracolich Fluffy. As the hero and Sepulchure engaged in combat, it was apparent that the hero discovered how powerful Sepulchure was. Sepulchure though, decided to spare them since it is his master's order that the Hero has to live, the Necrotic Blade of Doom commanded that he leave for more important objectives.

Sepulchure obeyed and left telling the hero to make the fight more interesting for him next time they met.

The Darkness OrbEdit

While he didn't appeared in person. Sepulchure ordered Noxus to built for him one million skeletons around the time when the Hero and the adventurers of Falconreach was laying siege to the Necropolis for the Darkness Orb.

The Energy OrbEdit

When his spy inform him that the Energy Orb is located in Popsprocket, he directed the Flying Fortress to the gnomish city to claim it. What he didn't expect however, was that the Hero was also there to help the gnomes fight off the invading-robotic Cyclons.

When the fortress arrived, his first act was to steal the gnomes experimental tool storage facility giving them a huge advantage in the coming battle. With that, Sepulchure order Drakath to prepare the skeleton army for the invasion.

Later, Sepulchure discovered that there was an intruder in his fortress and quickly deduced it to be the Hero and their plan to spy on him. Following a (comical) moment, the "spy" was captured and he tell Yix and the Hero that he invited them to stop him, if they can that is.

When Sepulchure was informing about how they are gonna take the energy orb and ignored the cyclons. The Hero and a cyclon comes from the future named Dave arrived and revealed that if Sepulchure ignored them, the cyclons will mutiply endlessly until they purged all living things from Lore. Sepulchure however, state that nothing can destroy him so Dave provoked him into slaughtering the cyclons starting with him. The Doomknight decided to spare the Hero however, stating that they will need all the help they can get when the undead army arrived.

With no obstacles remain, Sepulchure lauch his attack on Popsprocket, fighting against Falconreach's heroes and robotic cyclons with his fortress blasting the city from the sky. Ultimately , the war ended with the defeat of Sepulchure's forces and the Cyclons. The Necrotic Blade of Doom told him that the master was displease and wishes to speak with him right now.

The Fire OrbEdit

Sepulchure appeared in the saga when he assume the form of "Nifaria" and gave the Hero the egg of Akriloth's son and later claimed the Fire Orb and turn Drakonnan into his titanic form. With Drakonnan's defeat, Sepulchure captured him and gave the Fire Orb to Xan while intending to find out how Konnan manage to pulled so much power from the orb even if it mean tearing him piece by piece.

The Water OrbEdit

He appeared at the end of the saga, when his spy managed to claim the Water Orb and given it to him. He told the spy to tell him about Aquella.

The Earth OrbEdit

After learning about the Earth Orb location, he send his two Chaosweaver minion En and Tropy to claim it. Their plan however was foiled by the Hero and Valencia so as a result, Sepulchure told his two minion to merge with Gorgok to create Sepulchure's most powerful minion, the Entropy Dragon.

When the Hero and their dragon defeated the Entropy Dragon and Trey Surehunter, Sepulchure appeared and claim the Earth Orb while watching Trey fall to his dead.

With an entirely new set of minion Sepulchure's forces battle Falconreach's heroes all across Lore over the powerful Blade of Awe with the Shadowscythes intended to claim while the adventurers wanted to hide the blade. The conflict ultimately ended with the heroes victorious. The victory was shallow however, as Sepulchure manage to gain the last 3 orbs.

The Final 13thEdit

Falconreach has been a bane for the Shadowscythes for years ever since the first undead assault on the town. This time, Sepulchure decided that it is time to end it for good by converging his forces to Falconreach and raze it to the ground.

As a precaution, Sepulchure has his spies wrecking havoc over the cities of Lore so their forces would be kept closes to their homes while his flying fortress moved to Falconreach.

The battle begins when Sepulchure's forces were being drop straight from the Flying Fortress to the outskirt of Falconreach. While the Shadowscythes manage to push the heroes back to the outer walls but the defender manage to hold the line there cutting off any skeleton tried to climb the wall.

Eventually, the battle comes to a stand-still as the catapults, mana bomb and archer making craters in the undead ranks though gap were quickly filled with more undead. Meanwhile, Grams attempt to escape Sepulchure's grasp by using the bugs that she's been taming ever since she was captured. The "little" critters damaged the Dracolich that held the castle from the inside making it comes crashing down on to the Guardian Tower, destroying it and causing an all-out war involving invasions by twenty-million undead while claiming the Darkness Orb. He summoned an undead Akriloth, ridden by Xan, who killed Lady Celestia.

Xan and Akriloth attacked Dragesvard.

Sepulchure invited the hero to his fortress to battle his/her way through it and witness the creation of the Ultimate Orb. Sepulchure succeeded in using the eight Elemental Orbs to create the Ultimate Orb, but before he could use it to become the darkness itself and to bring Doom to Lore, he was betrayed by Drakath. To Sepulchure's shock and horror, Drakath used the Ultimate Orb to fuse with Fluffy and became Dragon Drakath and in the process destroying the fortress.

Sepulchure manage to escape with his daughter, Gravelyn and Drakath using Fluffy.

During the attacks, the undead forces managed to claim the Darkness Orb hidden inside Falconreach while Sepulchure's spy in the major cities stole the remaining 4 orbs. With the lost of his previous fortress, Sepulchure builded a new one in the Deadlands north of Willowshire.

With his army in Falconreach wiped out to the last, the heroes of Falconreach moved to the Deadlands, determine to end the threat of Sepulchure for good. When the Hero arrived to the top of the fortress to confront Sepulchure, he has managed to merge the 8 elementals orb into the Ultimate Orb. At that moment, Drakath, tired of bowing and scraping stab Sepulchure with the Necrotic Blade of Doom and claim the Ultimate Orb and merge with Fluffy to become a powerful Darkness Dracolich.

Drakath was so powerful that neither the Hero or Sepulchure could defeat him so the two teamed up and killed Drakath with the Doomknight deals the finishing blow. Sepulchure's master, the Mysterious Stranger suddenly appeared and tell the two of his plan to cover the world in darkness while binding himself with Drakath to become SMUDD (Super Mega Ultra Darkness Dracolich).

The dracolich knocked Sepulchure unconscious with a blast and left to grow to the point of eating the sun, leaving Sepulchure to murmur the name of his lost love, Lynaria. The hero later destroyed the Ultimate Orb and the dracolich, putting an end to the Mysterious Stranger, while Sepulchure was somehow dragged away to recover from his wounds.

As Sepulchure retort that he was promised this world SMUDD merely said that he was a puppet before slam him down.

After the SMUDD was destroyed, Sepulchure was last seen standing outside Falconreach, clutching the Stranger's cloak and clench his fist showing anger at his ex-master for betraying him.

War of Good and EvilEdit

In AQW during Friday the 13th he decided to end the war that had plagued the forces of good and evil by surrounding the city of Swordhaven. He fought his way to the king's throne room with his loyal minion Chuckles to finally confront the king and end the war. He and the king fought but both seemed evenly matched.

Interrupt and DeathEdit

As each side was ready to deliver the other a finishing blow, a winged figure descended and interrupted. The figure revealed himself to be Drakath, an old underling of his. Drakath then raised his sword and defeated Sepulchure and King Alteon, covering them in chaos. Sepulchure conversed with Drakath about the unlikelihood of his defeat at Drakath's hands, and was then killed by the once ally. His armor collapsed and what little that remained of him erupted into the sky. Drakath heard Gravelyn's cry from the flying fortress above and shot it down, where it then crashed into the side of a mountain.

Not Real ReviveEdit

When Gravelyn is later captured by Chaos Vordred and Sally claims the Noxus Head Staff as Noxus orders Chaos Vordred to kill the heroes Gravelyn's last words were her wishing that her father was here. The tomb of Queen Lynaria Alteon grants her wish and revives Sepulchure. When Noxus orders Chaos Vordred to stand down, Chaos Vordred goes on the attack only to be easily destroyed by Sepulchure as Sally and Noxus bow before Sepulchure. Gravelyn detects that the Sepulchure present isn't the real Sepulchure. The tomb of Queen Lynaria Alteon states that Sepulchure was killed by Drakath where there is no coming back from death. Drakath ends up warping reality to make it look like the Sepulchure has returned from the dead.


Before becoming a Doomknight , Sepulchure was one of the most powerful knight in the realm thus he is fast, strong and very skilled in sword fighting.

After wearing the Doomknight armor, not only is his strenght increase numerous time , he also gain an incredible amount of necromantic power able to do powerful spells with ease while other Necromancer and even Doomknight were erwtwrewrto do.

He seems to have exellent skills in melee and nercrotic skils, and seems to use underhanded attacks, like when he was choking King Atleon, and smashed him to the ground.

It also appears he doesn't tire easily, like when Drakath tore out his "essence" (if you can call it that), he still could fight. He and King Alteon seem to be equally match. He can almost kill King Alteon.

Confirmed by his twitter be stronger than Dage the Evil and Nulgath.

Also in an alternative universe created by Drakath, it is shown if Drakath didn't interrupt the Good and Evil fight, he would have killed King Alteon and would have killed Death itself with his power in a single attack.

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