Race: Human
Gender: Male

Scribbles is a scribe.

He wrote the book "Legends of Lore".

He is from Swordhaven, he was sent to the Hunter's Paradise to document the strange occurences of Doomwood and its surrounding area.

Particularly the necromancers and how they function as a society. When the Hero says they don't... He guesses he can just go back home to Swordhaven now, then the Hero says in his mind "*(Be kind to the elderly, be kind to the elderly...)*". Then the Hero guesses he spends a lot of time alone in here. Scribbles says yes.

Teral doesn't mind Scribbles using the place as an office. Scribbles says Teral understands that it serves an important purpose, and respects his work greatly. Scribbles also says he pays Teral a lot of gold.

Scribbles also says to the Hero they are not hiring. He says the Hero looks like the adventuring type and asks the Hero if he really wants to sit hunched over a desk all day. He says anyway the Hero would need to travel to Swordhaven and ask Scribe Yolan, but Scribbles says he is a grumpy old bean so to good luck with that.

Scribbles says he knows of King Alteon. Scribbles says he have not dealt with him directly, though Scribbles understands him to be a king and righteous ruler. Scribbles also says the king is too busy to invest in a dialogue with a scribe, and they are too busy to come running whenver he needs something. Scribbles says that's what his chief advisors are for and laughs, saying they are flatterers and sycophants.