Sandsea is a cruel desert under the scorching sun, it is ruled by Sek-Duat XV, and its people live in fear.

It is one of the most harsh environments on Lore. Zhoom says the hero said alot about his power by coming to the Sandsea, as he says the hero could have been caught in a sandstorm and had the flesh peeled right off of the hero by the winds or could have fallen prey to the mirages. Many would-be-heroes have followed a mirage off to the infinite horizon, never to be seen again. People here have to pack water too.

This land has been ruled by the Sek-Duat dynasty for generations, back to the time when all of this was a great city. But The Sandsea is not impressed by the works of mankind. The sands swallowed up that city long ago. Only ruins are left. Only the most hardened heroes can survive here. Zhoom says if the hero can survive here then the hero can survive anything.

From book "Legends of Lore" in DragonFable:

The Sandsea lies East of Falconreach under the scorching sun and terrible reign of Sek-Duat XV. The people of the Sandsea endure hardships like no other, between the tyrant in control and the impossible heat, they live in fear daily.

Long ago, under the reign of previous Sek-Duats, the entire desert was once a great city. But over time, the sun consumed it. There are ruins that remain, some of which can even be seen on the horizon from what is left of the city. It is unknown what kind of treasures might still exist among the desolation, for there are no water sources and no one foolish enough to wander out into the wasteland. Now only rumors remain. The citizens speak of a Sand Whisperer. An entity living deep within the desert, calling them. Sometimes, when the wind is right, a soft and gentle whisper may catch your ear. "Come", it says, "follow the moonlit path". This seems likely to be pure conjecture.

In actuality, the idea of anything surviving out there is simply impossible and the very thought of pursuing such a ridiculous myth is reckless at best. It does make for a good story, however.

There is also a talk of a surviving sand elf living within the city. Sek-Duat XIV had these elves hunted, placing a bounty on them. Apparently they offended him in some way. Because of the terrible reign of the Sek-Duats, that a sand elf should be living today is undeniably a myth. But if it were to be true, it would likely be cowering in fear.. trying to hide it's existence.