Sally DF


Race: Human
Gender: Female
Relatives: Mother: Unnamed

Sally is the Master of the Necropolis, Supreme Necromantress. She revived Vordred with the power of Chaos. Since you defeated Noxus, she's now the new master of the Necropolis.



It was 5 years ago that Vayle lead an undead army to attack her hometown of Moonridge. But Artix and his friends defended it.

In DragonFable she is a blonde girl, appears to be about 6 years old. She seems to like playing with zombie parts. Sally is grabbed by the Armadeadon and you must rescue her.


Noxus's ghostly voice led Sally to the Necropolis where she under his training became the new Mistress of the Necropolis and the new Supreme Necromantress of the Tower of Necromancy. To repay him for herself completing her training as a Necromantress, she brought him back as a super powerful lich and he returned to his office in Necromancer University to make further plans for world domination. Eventually he found an ancient evil within the ruins that he with Sally's help used to create Vordred, the Paladin Slayer.

Noxus Head StaffEdit

Gravelyn was captured by Chaos Vordred and Sally claims the Noxus (who is now a Head on a Staff) as Noxus orders Chaos Vordred to kill the heroes. When Gravelyn's last words were her wishing that her father was here, the tomb of Queen Lynaria Alteon grants her wish and revives Sepulchure.

When Noxus orders Chaos Vordred to stand down, Chaos Vordred goes on the attack only to be easily destroyed by Sepulchure as Sally and Noxus bow before Sepulchure. Gravelyn detects that the Sepulchure present isn't the real Sepulchure. The tomb of Queen Lynaria Alteon states that Sepulchure was killed by Drakath where there is no coming back from death. Drakath ends up warping reality to make it look like the Sepulchure has returned from the dead.

After reality is restored, Nulgath and Dage the Evil catch up to the group as Gravelyn tells them, Sally, and Noxus that the Shadowscythe Army will hunt down Drakath and make him pay for what he did to Sepulchure. Gravelyn then orders Sally to rebuild Vordred in order to use him against Drakath.