Rolith DF


Eselgee monster


Race: Human
Gender: Male
Relatives: Wife: Alina

Rolith is the Captain of the Pactagonal Knights. He can be found in Noobshire. Most players go to this location to learn the ropes and as such his quests are extremelely easy.


Pactagonal KnightEdit

At some point Rolith joins the Pactagonal Knights and becomes their Captain, his home being the Oaklore Keep, the home to the honarable Knights of the Pactagonal Table, Rolith also seems to know Lady Celestia.


"Eselgee lay smackdown on draginns with hammer!! BATLLE OFF!!"

In AQ Rolith is called Eselgee, and is one of the Berserkers and he will teach you how to be Berserker, if you can defeat him.

He wears top of the Knight armor, with the bottom body part and top legs part showing, seeming, because the armor is broken. His shirt looks teared up a bit and down the bottom leg part he wears again the Knight Armor, the wing on the right shoulder is also broken, he also wears the same mallet he wears as the Captain.

Probably he was just fired from being the Captain. He says he was used to be called Rolith. He appear in Volus's Pride to when he was searching for the Trevolu.

Pactagonal KnightEdit

At some point Rolith rejoins and becomes the Captain again.


Rolith earlier was captured by Traitor Knights that work for Maximilian Lionfang's brother Xavier Lionfang. The players and Alina rescue Rolith and defeat Xavier Lionfang.


Afterwards, Rolith proposes to Alina.