(Pisces) Many unsuspecting fishermen have fallen prey to this species of River Fishmen as they attack, believing their home is under fire from heavy trawling nets and baited hooks. Even with repeated warnings, it appears that this profession still has yet to learn from their deceased predecessors and still disregard the signs marking the edge of the Fishman's territories.


The River Fishman are very interesting species. It retains the body of a regular fish, but also has the ability to breathe air and survive for extended periods on land. They are humanoid, sporting arms and legs that allow them to move freely out of water.


A River Fishman usually attacks with a three-pronged trident weapon formed with cheap and low-quality metal. However, this is enough to dispatch an unsuspecting fisherman. Heed this warning and pack a defensive weapon if you intend to fish in fishman waters or you could possibly have just knocked on Death's door.

As explained above, the River Fishman is a peaceful creature of the wild. They will, however, attack if one was to fish in their presence, eat or cook or otherwise harm an aquatic animal. They believe themselves to be soldiers of the sea; protecting other Aquarius creatures from the grasps of other creatures, especially Humans. Oddly enough, there have been reports of them idly standing by as Zards fish from their protected waters, without signs of aggression.


  • River
  • Shallows


Many newer, more green adventurers hunt this species for their trident weapons, which oddly enough can never be recovered from their mangled bodies. Many have spent hours killing Fishman only to be unaware that only the Fishmen Soldiers located in Lolosia port can drop them.

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