Pyromancer AQ

Pyromancer AQW

Pyromamcy is the act of producing fire from the body, someone with mastered magical abilities involving fire, Masters of Fire Magic, to control the external element of fire, one's heart needs to be filled with inner fire and determination. A Pyromancer is one whose inner fire burns bright and never dies out. The ability of Pyromancer to regenerate and rejuvenate and its self-sustaining nature forms the crux.

Pyromancers have focused all of their considerable energy into mastering the art of fire magic. Then the flames are now theirs to control.

Pyromancers have mastered the art of fire magic—the heat, the light, the destructive and lift-giving properties engulf your being, igniting your fiery spirit within. Only those who have proven themselves to the elite Pyromancer Xan are worthy of becoming a Pyromancer.

Known Pyromancers in DF are Drakonnan and Xan.

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