Princess Brittany Alteon
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Relatives: Father: King Alden Alteon
Mother: Queen Lynaria Alteon
Sisters: Princess Victoria and Princess Tara Alteon

Princess Brittany Alteon is Queen Lynaria Alteon's and King Alden Alteon's oldest child. She has two sisters, Princess Tara and Princess Victoria Alteon. She was also seen in banquet where she gives you a quest and you can talk to her.


Royal WeddingEdit

As Lord Brentan and she are about to get married, King Alteon turned and becomes the 12th Lord of Chaos. The hero and the engaged couple then prepares to fight the fallen king himself. As she prepares to launch an attack towards her corrupted father, Chaos Lord Alteon then fires an overwhelming chaotic beam which pierces through her abdomen. Ultimately killing her and dies in Lord Brentan's arms.