Race: Human
Gender: Male
"Patch is the name, cut'n hair is mah game. Used to shear sheep.. but this is close 'nuff! Have a seat!"
"Listen 'ere, get bold wit yer hair laddy! Dunn be one of dem hair sissies... show the whole wurld the inner ewe!"
"Now, I'm new te town and te cuttin hair... but how hard can it be? Besides, if I get it wrong ye can always grow some more!"

Patch is the barber of Falconreach, who is new to the town.


Hometown & SheepEdit

Since he says he's new to the town, he is not from Falconreach. He says he used to shear sheep, but he says cutting hair is "close enough".


He first was in the Falconreach building where currently is Alina's Potion Shop. Later he moved in the southeast part of the town.

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