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Pactagonal Knights are King Alteon's knights and the knights of Swordhaven. They are found throughout the story and are sometimes enemies such as in the unlife insurence quest.

In DragonFable King Alteon's says "All 500,000 of my Knights were defeated!" and "When facing Xan my 299 Elite Knights formed a wall... ", later the Hero becomes the 301st Elite Knight (the 300th Elite Knight betrays the king and dissappeared).

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  • Sir Baumbard is not officially a Pactogonal Knight because his "family name didn't work with 'sir' in front of it." He attained his knighthood from the King of Swordhaven.
  • Pactogonal Knight is a pun of both the game Pacman and The Knights of the Round Table. The idea of the Knights of the Pactagonal Table is based off of the Knights of the Round Table.
  • In AQ Worlds, some of the knights were killed and turned into undead. ! will mean "Killed & Turned into Undead. Some were found alive. $ will mean those that are barley alive.

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Pactogonal Knights


Standard Pactogonal Knight Armor


Official Pactogonal Knight Emblem