Old Werewolf King
Old Werewolf King
AdventureQuest Worlds
Race: Werewolf
Gender: Male

Old Werewolf King was the Werewolf King before Constantin defeated him and became the new werewolf king.

The Hero wanted to get in the Werewolf cave and speak with the King, but a werewolf, Slewpaw said to go no further, because the Hero is a one-shape and no place for his/her kind. The Hero said he need to speak with their king. Slewpaw said the king first must be decided. Meanwhile, in the cave, a werewolf, Constantin said the king failed them and that they have been at war with the unnanturals for too long and that the King is throwing lives of the pack away. Constantin says their proud nation needs a new Alpha. Then Werewolf King says Constantin is too weak and talk and talk like the one-shapes and "If we want more land... more MEAT... we must TAKE it from the vampires.". Then Constantin says their packs are under attack from the werepyres and that the vampires must be defeated, but that Wolfwing is the threat now. Then Constantin calls the king old and blind with teeth as dull as his wits. The Werewolf King says enough talk and says to fight. Constantin immediately defeats the king, wears his pendant and says he is the new werewolf king and tells to honor him.