Founding of OakloreEdit

The ancient forest of Oaklore lies to the west of the area now occupied by the town of Falconreach. The path through Oaklore has long been a key crossroads for travelers, who use the nearby bridge to cross the mighty River. The strategic value of this crossing was not lost on the King, who realized the importance of open and accesible travel to the security of the kingdom. As such, the Knights of the Pactogonal Table were dispatched to the forest to establish a garrison.

The Knights chose to establish their new home around the base of the ancient giant oak tree which gave the forest its name. Over the years, the garrison has grown from a few scattered buildings to a walled Keep which surrounds and actually includes the Oak as part of its construction. From this stronghold the Knights are able to maintain the river crossing, as well as patrol the surrounding forest and offer assistance to the nearby town of Falconreach.

Oaklore Keep has grown into a vital hub, and new visitors to this part of Lore often stop here to learn the lay of the land before proceeding into town.

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