Nerfkittens (Apex Panthera uncial) are close relative to the dreaded Doom Kitten. Even at their most eldest stage, the Nerfkitten still maintains the appearance of a newborn kitten. Their age can only be determined by their size. Next to dragons, they are considered to be on top of the food chain in their natural habitat. There is very few Nerfkittens ever discovered. They just want a little attention...or maybe it just wants to use you as a plaything.


  • Frozen Northlands
  • Dark Jungle (rare sightings recorded)


Nerfkittens possess an unusual ability to 'nerf' any prey, reducing its opponent's physical power. They are rather fond of salmon but prefer to hunt larger game such as the common Two-Bear or a local Hydra.

They enjoy playing with skeletal remains (after eating the monster they came from) and are especially fond of fire-explosive yarn balls,* often gleefully using them to beat up enemies. Players use the enchanted yarn balls as a distraction to avoid being eaten or maimed by the Nerfkitten during their travels.**


  • Rarely, the yarn ball can also be used to tame a wild Nerfkitten, as I have accidentally discovered for myself. I was using the yarn ball as to occupy the creature so I could capture it on paper, now it won't stop following me. The affectionate side to this creature is rather surprising but once and a while it still tries to eat my family. I'm thinking of naming her Puddles… or Head-Ripper…
    • Adventuring 101: always carry a spare fire-explosive-enchanted yarn ball to avoid unspoken fates.

Do NOT approach unless the Random Number Generator says it is safe.


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