Necromancy University or Necro U or NU is where Necromancy is teached. It's like a school and has teachers and students.

Subjects and TeachersEdit

There is also a cafeteria called Mealworm's Cafe. Abandoned minions left there WILL be used for lunch.

There is a nurse's office aswell, proffesors let students go there whenever they want, as they get most of their body part "donations" (said in "" aswell) from the nurse's office.

There is a restroom aswell, but going there is only allowed before class.

There is also something (probably cleaning) "Goo Crew", who are not on duty on weekends, they say "Clean up your dorms!"

There is also Dean's room.

Subjects and TeachersEdit

New Student Guide - Ghoul-dence Counselor

  • Anatomy - Professor Bonevert
    • Anatomical Theory 201: Boning Up
  • Necronomy - Professor Ghoulliver
    • Necronomics 101: Ghouls for Gold
  • Goology - Professor Goordan
    • Goology 301: Deconstructing Darkness Slimes
  • Skullpting - Professor Skulltz
    • Skullpting 401: Getting Ahead
  • Dark Art History
    • 305
  • From Witch to Litch
    • A Definition Primer
  • Spelling
    • Ars Necrotica to Zombie
  • Minion Management
    • 606
  • Rules for Ghouls
    • 201
  • Grains
    • Misguided Zombies and Agriculture
  • The Art of Re-animation
  • Nec-Romantic Literature
  • Thaumaturgy
  • Summoning

The Body Shop, teached by a proffesor, see below in "The Body Shop".

Probably SocietesEdit

  • Ballet and Contemporary at 5pm
  • Ten-bone Bowling League

The Body ShopEdit

They have a place called The Body Shop, also known as Build-A-Beast Workshop. It is teached by a proffesor. They get most of their body part "donations" from the nurse's office. They ask students to do tests, but for safety reasons they watch them from outside the lab.

In those lectures here they learn to create creatures using their own dark powers. However for now they will use the university's SNM (Simplified Necromantic Monstermatic). All the control the students need in tests are in front of them and need to use the Creature Claw to grab the 3 spare parts from the Part Pit. As they grab them, the 3 spare parts will show up in the revivial jars located against the wall. Once they have all 3 parts, they must use the SNM to create their monster and they'll what they come up with. Though, they must be careful, sometimes the claw will grab an undead monster that is still partially functional. They WILL try and attack them. The students must just use their abilities to command the undead to drive them back into the pit. The proffesor says "And be VERY CAREFUL in there... that SNM is not cheap.", that if the students damage the lab, it will slow down monster production for Sepulchure (now dead). If they damage the lab, they will send to them a huge bill.

Student I.D.Edit

Zorbak Student I.D.

Students have their Student I.D. Cards and their Student I.D..

Zorbak has a expired Necromancy University Student I.D. Card, his Student I.D. being 443-55-6, but he was expelled.

Student HandbookEdit

Student HandbookStudent Handbook Handy Dandy Map
On its back there is a map of the University.

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