Race: Elf
Gender: Male

This necromancer is Ash's first (and somewhat inept) adversary. Appears to be an elf of some sort, judging by his ears.


The Mysterious StrangerEdit

Mysterious Stranger told him that the Necromancer who captures the Princess of Darkovia will be given the most sought after prize of their evil art, he will teach them the language of darkness.

But, The Princess he has captured was found out to be not the Princess of Darkovia by The Mysterious Stranger, since he said the Princess of Darkovia is a brunette.

While, Ash Dragonblade was told by the Hero that to become a knight he must save a princess.

Then the Mysterious Stranger says that he detects a hero (which is Ash) in the Necromancer's dungeon, then told the Necromancer to let him know how it turns out.

The Necromancer tries to use an darkness spell on the Princess, but instead accidently uses an freezing spell.

Then Ash defeats the Necromancer.


After Ash's Princess gets amnesia and can't remember anything, Ash went with her on an adventure back to the Necromancer's Castle, thinking she will start remembering.

While, the Necromancer has merged souls from the darkness plane with enough weapons from an army, and so is creating Doom Weapons, saying that a wave of darkness will sweep over land and that he will be more powerful than Sepulchure, saying that the only thing that can stop him now is the Blade of Destiny. Then he says it's time for gim to begin raising his army and knocks Ash and the Princess outside his castle.

Princess KidnappingEdit

He has kidnapped Princess Victoria, Princess Brittany, Princess Tara, Princess Brightquartz, the Princess Ash is trying to save, and 18 other princesses.

Ash goes back to the Necromancer's Castle and finds the princesses, however, all of them are sleeping by a spell and cannot be waked up.

Then Ash brings all the princesses outside the Necromancer's Castle, into the forest.

Blade of DestinyEdit

The Necromancer is still making doom weapons, also saying that his plan is almost complete and that the Mysterious Stranger will teach him the language of darkness and that the world will be his.

While Ash and his Princess who was revealed to be the Princess of Light has given Ash the Blade of Destiny. Ash defeats the Necromancer's minions and puts a portal, where as Ash says, he will never hurt anyone, and knocks the Necromancer into the portal.

The Final 13th Darkness AttacksEdit

Undead Necros

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