Moonridge is a town deep within Doomwood that has managed to avoid being tainted by the darkness swalloing this land, it is the last human town to resist darkness of Doomwood. The mayor of the town is Mayor Dolan.

It was 5 years ago that Vayle lead an undead army to attack Moonridge. But Artix and his friends defended it.

In DragonFable the town was attacked by waves army of the undead by the Purple Necromantress.

Years ago, a group from the north were travelling through here and simply decided to set up camp, and they never left. Eventually, more and more travellers camped here, and it became widely known as a good resting spot along the road. Soon settlers began moving in.

The town was just a giant shopping mall, the Muskrat Mall, but at that point they did not have running water. Packing a few hundred stinky people in one building with only a few windows, not such a great idea, according to the mayor. So they ended up building a normal town instead, to help with air flow. It's really helped the tourism side of things and getting rid of the muskrats. They've got running water now though, so it's fine, no reason not to stay and spend your money, according to the mayor.

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