Rayf Drayson
Mayor Rayf
Race: Human
Gender: Male

Rayf Drayson [1] is the former mayor of the now-destroyed town Falconreach at the start of the storyline and easily the most greedy person in town.


Before Becoming MayorEdit

He was voted "Most Likely To Spend Other People's Gold" back in school. He was head of the Pig Farmer's Guild for over 10 years.


He extremely is greedy and became mayor only when the huge treasury of Falconreach was involved. Appreantly, Rayf was sleeping amidst gold coins piled high all over his desk when the Final 13th took place.

He says he realizes that the Hero may have never heard of him. But he "ASSURES" you, that he's qualified for this position. He said a lot of big changes were coming to Falconreach, dear citizen, "BIG" changes he said. He would tell you more but first he says he's going to need the Hero to fill out these WI664-K Exciting Town Upgrade Information forms in triplicate and pay the form processing fees...

Losing ElectionEdit

During the five years time skip, an election was held after the debacle of the elemental disarray between Rayf, Dragonman and Waen for the title of mayor which the latter won.

Waen won and says being the head of a Pig Farmer's Guild did not quite give Mayor Rayf the experience necessary to deal with the fall out of elementals attacking.

It is unknown where Rayf has gone too after he lost the election, most likely returning to being a pig farmer.


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