Queen Lynaria Alteon
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Relatives: Husbands: King Alden Alteon and Emperor Valen Pulchure
Daughters: Princess Brittany, Princess Victoria and Princess Tara Alteon
Empress Gravelyn Pulchure

Queen Lynaria Alteon was a healer and the Champion of Light.

Her tomb (along with a chest with Sepulchure's love letters) in Necropolis Dungeon is guarded with many monsters by Sepulchure.



It was no secret that both Alteon and Valen (now called Sepulchure) had fallen deeply in love with the same woman, Lynaria. They had a private duel to determine which of them would ask for her hand in marriage. Since Valen had never lost a duel, the few who knew about the fight were surprised to learn that King Alteon married the gorgeous Lynaria.

Wedding DestroyedEdit

But on the day of their wedding, the Champion of Darkness, known as Dethrix, attacked with his army of darkness and kidnapped the queen-to-be, Lynaria. King Alteon was commanding his Knights in the battle to save his Kingdom from the army of darkness.

Valen's AdventureEdit

Alteon's only hope of seeing his kidnapped queen-to-be was in the hands of his greatest and most trusted Knight, Valen. Out of loyalty and love, Valen battled alone, slaying countless DoomKnight Overlords to reach Lynaria, who was held prisoner at the bottom of the Necropolis. He reached the lowest level and battled Dethrix, who was the Champion of Darkness, in a final duel that would seal Lynaria's fate.

But Valen lost, but even in death he was not willing to accept defeat. His plea was heard by the shadows. The Mysterious Stranger appeared before Valen and offered him cursed DoomKnight armor. And so becoming consumed and cursed.

Read more in Sepulchure about Valen

King Alteon and LynariaEdit

Sepulchure brought Lynaria safely back to King Alteon. A page is ripped in the book which says all this.

Sepulchure and LynariaEdit

Sepulchure has probably stolen Lynaria from King Alteon, because it says and therefore Sepulchure and Lynaria had a child... (which is Gravelyn) Ink stain. Betrayed... Again, acid burned area of the page.


And thus, Sepulchure united the villains of the land under the banner of the Shadowscythe and began raising an army.

Sepulchure has killed Lynaria when she tried to free him from his cursed armor with a pure light spell.