Lurkers (Protopterus monstrum) are a large and powerful distant relative of the lungfish. There are two kinds of lurkers, the stronger Swamp Lurker, located only in the swamps of Mudluk Village, and the more common Marsh Lurker, located in a variety of areas. The two closely resemble each other and are often mistaken as the same creature, however, one soon realizes the great differences in strength, speed, and stamina.


  • The swamp of Mudluk Village
  • Marshes
  • Water storm


The Swamp Lurker's diet consists of swamp Frogdrakes, and even an unfortunate Mudluk villager from time to time. The Marsh Lurker's diet is harder to trace, because of their diverse locations. It has been recorded that they feast upon Frogdrakes, and possibly even giant spiders!

Both types of Lurkers can grow up to be five foot six, and weigh nearly 400 pounds. Their bodies are covered in thousands of small, light, oily but strong scales. Lurkers must be in water at all times, as they lack the ability to survive on land. Lurkers attack and hunt for food by burrowing themselves in shallow parts of their watery home, their long eyes sticking out of the water, resembling the nearby vegetation. Once their prey nears, they burst out of the water, ripping it to shreds with its large mouth and teeth, or, for smaller prey, simply eating it whole.

Lurkers are savage fighters, and their swimming ability is unmatched. Lurkers have only one fin, a large and powerful caudal fin. Fighting one in its natural habitat is dangerous and often fatal. They are able to come out of seemingly nowhere, severely damage its target, and then swim away before its target retaliates. Their gills are located on the inside of their throat, eliminating the chance of a foe cutting off their oxygen supply.

Despite their numbers, they are usually loners, coming together only to lay eggs and rear young. An average Lurker has over 1000 children every decade!


After death, a Lurker can be used for many purposes. Their scales and skin can be used to set broken bones, or give nutrition to plant life. Their teeth are commonly used as jewelry by the Mudluk people, and its eyes can make a powerful compass.

It is suspected that a Lurker's glands produce a toxin that goes through its scales, and poisons the water around it, making the water toxic for many creatures.

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