Lord Brentan
Lord Brentan
Race: Human
Gender: Male

Lord Brentan is the Guardian of the Neverglades, son of the Neverglades, a honorable, valiant warrior and Swordhaven's General.


Early yearsEdit

Brentan was fostered in Swordhaven when he was younger. His father was the Defender of the Neverglades, before Brentan took the role. Brentan trained in Swordhaven, under Sir Valance. He grew up very skilled.


King Alteon before fully turning into Chaos, made a tournament in the Coliseum, that the winner would become Swordhaven's General and could marry his heir, Princess Brittany.

Brentan and Brittany both shared love.

Though, the tournament had cheaters, and bandits, who wanted to steal the princesses or cheat. Sir Roderick, one of the tournament particpants cheated and hired the bandits, so they would beat up Brentan.

Princess Brittany found Brentan left laying in garbage, and so he was not feeling good and was sent to lay in bed.

While, Princess Brittany asked his father King Alteon that the Hero could replace Lord Brentan until he feels better. After talking King Alteon accepted.

The Hero fought and won against the tournament particpants, and against Sir Roderick and won. Lord Brentan felt better and said that he wants King Alteon not think he is a coward and not be brave, so he challenged the Hero.

The Hero beat Brentan, but Princess Victoria told him about the Hero's trick and says he never passes the opportunity to practice new tactics and that he's VERY good at learning from the best. And so, Brentan is declared the Tournament Champion and become Swordhaven's General and has the right to marry Princess Brittany. Princess Brittany is very happy about that.

Royal WeddingEdit

Lord Brentan and Princess Brittany are ready to get married, but King Alteon becomes the 12th Lord of Chaos, where she said "Father, noooooooo!" She was mad about her father becoming the 12th Lord of Chaos. When Chaos King Alteon fires his attack at the players and Lord Brentan, but Princess Brittany jumps between the attack and falls where she dies in Lord Brentan's arms.