Named legion fenrir (Legionem lupus) for their loyalty and fierceness they were created using Dage The Evil’s blood, fenrir skulls and deaths breath. They will not hesitate to attack so remain cautious when approaching one.


  • Underworld
  • Dark Woods
  • Caves


There are only 3 words to describe this species, and they are:

  • Bloodthirsty
  • Venomous
  • Cruel

They are carnivorous and hunt prey in packs, preferring the meat of Nulgath’s minions. They will fight instead of fleeing, and will fight like the animals that they are. They walk upright and do not run on all fours, unless they have no weapon and are chasing prey.


They have a strong hatred for Nulgath, which is only to be expected as they are born from Dage’s blood.


They do not breed like normal species: they simply howl at the Legion Altar and throw armour into its fire. They return the following morning to find several of their kind resting with weapons in hand.


Though known to create large cities deep within the darkest and most dangerous woods, none have been discovered.

Notes from the EncounterEdit

Up to now there have been only 5 human encounters with legion fenrir’s. Only I has survived and lived to tell the story:

I had been travelling for days on end, not knowing where I was going, only following the smell of burning wood in hope of finding some warmth. Then as I came to a clearing in the forest I saw it - an entire tribe of Legion Fenrirs, living as civilised as we do and doing things the same as us.

They all wore armor, even their little ones. I didn’t know how to react. I couldn’t react, I was shell-shocked, that here, right in front of me was a tribe of legion fenrir. I scanned left and right to see the ending of the encampment. I could not see one.

Whether it was my eyesight or their mass numbers, I will never know. One thing that caught my eye was a large banner in the front of the encampment that said, “THE END OF NULGATH IS UPON US.”

At that moment I collapsed to my knees, in awe of how much power they must have to be able to write those words, hang it up, and still be alive. Luck was not with me when I collapsed, as I disturbed some rocks which caused several of them to look up and catch my eye.

What I saw in those eyes will haunt me forever. I saw blood, pain and power. I immediately turned around and ran as far away as I could, I found a cave where I am right now writing this with my own blood, hoping my own species will find this writing.

Note: This sketch was found pinned under a rock next to an abandoned camp.


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