Race: Human
Gender: Female
Relatives: Grandmother-in-law: Nana
Mother-in-law: Brimme
Brother-in-law: Leo
Husband: Yulgar
Daughter: Aria
Cousin-in-law: Adder

Lark was the mother of Aria and wife of Yulgar. Every year on her birthday Aria and Yulgar come out by the fountain and set out flowers. Yulgar likes to tell the story of how Grams and Nana set them up to Aria.


Grams knew Yulgar wanted to spend more time with Lark. Grams and her came up with an errand to send the two of them on.

Yulgar needed to "escort" Lark to the overlook in Oaklore because the woods were "full of bears".

The one bear they saw had already been chased off, though "not that it would have mattered", Yulgar says.

If a bear attacked, all Lark would have to do was sing to it. Animals hated Yulgar but all she had to do was hum and they were charmed.

Everything that could go wrong did though, Yulgar bought her an egg which ended up in the bay. They were chased off by Knights.

Yulgar lost the rest of his coins. A horrific skeleton attacked once they got to the overlook and the gift he made for her - a beautiful harp inscribed with "LARK" - which Yulgar worked on for so long was lost (the Hero thinks this was 20 years ago, which was true).

Grams always said to Aria how much Lark loved it.

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