Common tongueEdit

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The common tongue is the language spoken by Lore's inhabitants. It is often associated with humans, suggesting it may have originated with them; however, nearly all of Lore's inhabitants have adopted it, at least to some extent, and speak it when necessary.


Demonic is a language mentioned by Zorbak. The language is most likely used by demons.

Zorbak can speak fluent demonic. [1]

Dragonspeak languageEdit


Dragon language is the language spoken by dragons. With Dragon Alumet you gain the ability to speak in the language of the Dragons. Though dragons also seem to be able to talk in the common tongue.

Nythera in dragonspeak means Superior

Ancient Dragon LanguageEdit


The Ancient Dragon Language is the language spoken by dragons. Nowadays, nobody or little can understand the Ancient Dragon Language, however the Book of Lore can read it by chomping pages which are written in the language.



Zorbak says that his name come from an Old Moglish phrase "Z'hore bauch [2], also says that "Zorbak" is an old Moglin name, passed down in his family for generations. [3]

The Darkness LanguageEdit

The Mysterious Stranger told a Necromancer, that who captures the Princess of Darkovia will be given the most sought after prize of their evil art, he will teach them the language of darkness.


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