(Mortus Corde Interfector)
Race: Omnipotent entity
Gender: Male
Relatives: Karok the Fallen

Kezeroth (Mortus Corde Interfector), known as the "World Ender", Kezeroth is an omnipotent entity. The Slayer of Chronomancers. The Destroyer of Time.


  • Ice Rise Keep
  • 10,000 years in the past


He planned to fulfill his title by freeing the ancient beast Quetzal from its long imprisonment in a frozen comet; however, Kezeroth was thwarted by the Legendary Hero Elim. Making a deal with the ChronoCorruptors, they froze Kezeroth in an icy glacier so he may once again attempt at freeing Quetzal. It is once again time to rise up and defeat this all-powerful and seemingly undying being!

Kezeroth Image

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