Hachiko's master
Race: Human
Gender: Male

Hachiko's master was the unnamed master of the legendary dog, Hachiko.



He was a wise teacher, who stayed in the tower in Yokai Isle. Every day Hachiko would greet him at the door of the hotel until, one day, he did not return from teaching.


Sadly he had passed away while at work but every day, at the same time Hachiko comes out to see if he will return. Eventually the people of the town began bringing him food and treats.


Hachiko still waits for his return but he knows that every citizen of Akiba is his friend, and is always happy to greet new friends. He became such loved and respected symbol for loyalty that Emperor Daisho changed the hotel into a barracks for his most loyal ninja and samurai warriors and changed the name to Hachiko Tower.

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