Guardian Towers are home to the Guardians, who are elite protectors, with access to special equipment and the ability to take on every quest and area they can find!

Around DoomwoodEdit

Doomwood Guardian Tower

When Doomwood was a beautiful forest and had a different name and villages. Around Artix's village where he grown, there was a Guardian Tower. It was already closed when Artix was even still a kid. Inside it was the Darkness Orb.


The Guardian Tower in Amityvale is now abandoned, known as The Vampire Tower.

The Guardians of Amityvale were once a great thorn in Lord Frydae XIII's side. One day the tower came under attack. The attacking force was only concerned with what was in the basement, and the Guardians could not withstand their might. During the battle Lord Frydae XIII took the remainder of the Guardians and made them into his ghouls.


Tethys Tower


Willowshire was Home of the Former Guardian Tower of Earth. Gorgok has attacked the town and the Guardian Tower. The Guardian Tower was closed.


The Guardian Tower in Falconreach can be accessed in DragonFable. Though Falconreach was destroyed in the time of AQW.


See Battleon Guardian Tower

The Guardian Tower in Battleon can be accessed in AQ and AQW.