Empress Gravelyn Pulchure

Gravelyn DF

Gravelyn Child AQW


Race: Human
Gender: Female
Relatives: mother: Queen Lynaria Alteon
father: Emperor Valen Pulchure

Empress Gravelyn Pulchure is now the Empress of the undead, also revealed to be the Champion of Light.



As a child, she was not allowed to go outside and studied spells, though she was never been able to cast a single darkness spell, due to being the Champion of Light.

Gravelyn was raised by the undead as a little girl, but didn't become one herself, due to being the Champion of Light aswell.


Gravelyn made Chuckles when she was a child. He was Gravelyn's first undead minion. Gravelyn says her father was so proud of her. Chuckles is also Gravelyn's bestest friend.

Father's Death & The New RulerEdit

Sepulchure along with Chuckles (but Chuckles's head was gotten back in a quest chain) (and King Alteon was chaorrupted) in the Good vs Evil


Noxus turns Gravelyn's Undead Army against her (he can, because he is the one that created Sepulchure's Undead Army) and chains Gravelyn, but she says that there is still one minion that he can not control and Chuckles jumps out, knocks Noxus down with having only a head and unchains Gravelyn. After the Hero defeats Noxus, Chuckles has Noxus's body as a promotion.

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