Grams AQ pic


Grams AQW 2

Race: Human
Gender: Female
Relatives: Mother: Nana
Sons: Yulgar and Leo
Daughter-in-law: Lark
Granddaughter: Aria
Nephew: Adder

Brimme, commonly known as Grams, could be found in her Petshop in Falconreach. After the events of the Spy Saga, Aria, her granddaughter Aria took over it.


Early DaysEdit

Brimme was an blacksmith and her son, Yulgar acted like an apprentice to her. She once told him to help Gramercy and then clean the bellows.

Sepulchure & DeathEdit

Grams was captured by Sepulchure, and is replaced by a spy. The spy, Sabrina, was then sent to Falconreach, to spy on Falconreach's heroes. Meanwhile, real Grams is in Sepulchure's fortress, keeping company to Gravelyn.

But then she was killed by Sepulchure for destroying his fortress.

Picture in the Battleon PetshopEdit

Grams also appears in AdventureQuest, in a picture in Aria's Pet Shop, Aria says:

"That picture? That's Grams! She's the best beastmaker in all of Lore! It just so happens she's my grandma."


Grams is chaorrupted in AQW, she needs to be saven by the hero.

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