Race: Ice Elf
Gender: Male

Gary is an ice elf.



After years of failing the extrance exam Gary finally got to be a soldier in the ice elf army.

The one thing that ice elves stressed above all else was "Don't drop your shimat. With that, anyone can enter our hidden kingdom."

And Gary dropped his.

Prison GuardEdit

Then he got busted down to prison guard, until Gary locked the Hero on the wrong side of the prison.

Secury at a local mallEdit

After that, Gary was security at a local mall, until he set the IceyElf Drink Machine on fire.

Military Fry cookEdit

Then Gary was demoted to Military Fry cook. But he says that was quite over pretty quick, there was an incident with the deep fryer and Frostscythe's poodle.

Military Boot LacerEdit

Then Gary was bumped down to Military Boot Lacer, but Gary says the ice elves didn't tell him that he couldn't use one long shoe lace on all the boots.

General Sharthallis's petEdit

Then Gary was demoted to General Sharthallis's, commander's of Queen Aisha's dragon army's pet.

Gary says it's not so bad really, he says he gets to see the world, gets three square meals a day and gets a little bed with his name on it!. General Sharthallis says he has even taught his pet some "tricks" - Gary carries box of potions and when General Sharthallis gets hurt he heals him.

After the Hero almost killed General Sharthallis and he was dying, Gary tossed a healing potion up and saved the general's life. And so the Hero calls Gary a hero.

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