Galanoth's mother
Galanoth's mother
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Relatives: Husband: Unnamed
Son: Galanoth

This human was the mother of the Dragon Slayer Galanoth, also an enchantress.


Earlier yearsEdit

She lived in a small village, being part of a humble family.

Dragons & DeathEdit

When Galanoth, her son , was merely a small toodler, age of 4, the winds changed bringing along with them death and destruction. Hot wind blew from the south, as a flight hoard of fire-breathing dragons lead by Akriloth swooped out of the sky. They scorched the entire village. Galanoth's family was killed, but not until after Galanoth's mother, an enchantress, cast a spell upon a ragged cloth which made it impervious to flame. With this she died herself, but surrounded Galanoth small body as well as she could but he was still burned over some of his body.


Not a long time ago her son Galanoth has heard some disturbing news. The Sage named Uldor told Galanoth of the existence of one other enchanted item that survived his village. An amulet which belonged to Galanoth's mother. This amulet rests in the lair of a great Fire Dragon, somewhere in the Burning Flats around Smoke Mountain.

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