This is a list of what food/drinks there are in Lore.


Healing LeavesEdit

Healing Leaves

Hug EssenceEdit

Hug Essence



Chicken Cow EggEdit

ChickenCow Egg

Cooking MinigameEdit

Boiled ChickenCow EggsEdit

Boiled ChickenCow Eggs

Boiled ChickenCow Eggs is cooked with a cooking pot. Its ingredients are Chicken Cow Egg and Salt.

Celestia's Healing TeaEdit

Celestia's Healing Tea

Celestia's Healing Tea is as the name says, Celestia's Healing Tea. Its ingredients are Healing Leaves and Water and is made with a cooking pot.

Moglin StewEdit

Moglin Stew

Moglin Stew is cooked with a cooking pot, its ingredients are Hug Essence, Healing Leaves and Water.



Spellberries are a popular food amongst mages, spellberries boost magic damage for a while. They can be obtained from Annapurna in Falconreach. They rise the INT stat by 15 for 4 turns.



Moglinberries are used to make Moglinberry Juice.

Moglinberry JuiceEdit

Moglinberry Juice

Moglinberry Juice is juice made with moglinberries.

Cocoaberrys JuiceEdit

Cocoaberrys Juice is a juice made with cocoaberries. It is mentioned in Frostval 2014 that someone was making Hot Cocoaberrys Juice.

Roasted Swamp TurkeyEdit

Roasted Swamp Turkey

Roasted Swamp Turkey is served in Hunter's Paradise. Bjorn, a person eating it, says it's delicious and says to try it.

Unknown Hunter's Paradise FoodEdit

Hunter's Paradise Food

An unknown food is served in Hunter's Paradise, Gordy, a person eating it, says what on Lore he is eating and wonders if they accidentally cooked a piece of furniture. It looks like it has Healing Leaves and Rice.

Complimentary honeyed fried frog legEdit

Complimentary honeyed fried frog leg is offered to the Hero by Leanie. If the hero accepts she says they're all out and that nobody said yes before.

Famous Verteroche DishEdit

A famous Verteroche dish is made of the following ingredients:

The result is "Enormescargot a la flambe with seedspitter salad and Frogzard legs in slimesauce".



Cuppycake can be bought from Bastet in Sandsea. It has alot of sugar.

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