Falconreach Falconreach, formerly Testopia, was the main town of DragonFable, where most quests and wars taked place that attracted adventurers from all over.

Falconreach model

Falconreach model (DF)

Falconreach model AQW

Falconreach model (flashback, AQW)


Founding of FalconreachEdit

Falconreach 20 years ago from DF BK3

Falconreach 20 years ago from DF BK3

Falconreach 20 years ago from DF BK3 2

Falconreach 20 years ago from DF BK3

The town now known as Falconreach started off as a simple logging camp located between Oaklore and Surewould Forest. Falconreach has always sat astride a major trade route and after the construction of Oaklore Keep, it experience a population boom, as merchants and craftsmen moved in to support the nearby garrison of knights.

Originally in Testopia there was a pet shop owned by Gramercy, a smithy owned by Brimme, her son Yulgar being her apprentice, some other shops (see in the pictures on the right), a Hydra Eggs shop, selling each egg for 1 coin - left of the bridge from Oaklore to Falconrach owned by a salesman.

Key to the town's growth was the founding of the Falconreach Inn, which catered to many weary travelers, and Yulgar's Smithy, which provides weapons and equipments to the local knights and would-be Adventurers. Falconreach also has a Barber , a Potion Shop , a Pet Store and a Town Hall which cater to the many needs of it's residents.

Around Falconreach

Falconreach is also home to one of the Guardian Towers. After the destruction of Willowshire by Gorgok and the abandonment and haunting of the Amityvale Tower, the Falconreach tower's maybe the only one left still active. The Guardians who inhabited this tower will occasionally recruit Adventurers into their ranks after passing a series of tests to prove their worth.

Hero's ArrivalEdit

For some unknown reason, ever since the Hero arrived in Falconreach and take residence there, it has become "home" to many individuals such as Artix, Robina, Zhoom and many other heroes. Not only that but it also attract wars , many many wars.

Ever since Sepulchure invaded the town in the Undead Assault, Falconreach has been the target for villains ranging from ebil moglin, crazy pyromancer to spiderly people. While the invaders were vast , Falconreach's defender were stronger , *every time a war began , the town still managed to hold and push back the invader to whatever hell they came from. (*Most of time anyway)

Final 13thEdit

Sepulchure , decided that Falconreach has been a thorn in his side long enough , launched a massive attack on the town with the intention of razing the town to the ground. Numerous winged-skeletal beasts filled the sky while being shot down by the defender. However, some managed to landed outside Falconreach and dropped skeletons from the sky, thus began one of the most epic battle in the history of Falconreach and Lore itself.

The battle quickly turn into a standstill as the mana bombs , catapults and archer are making crater in the skeleton army trying to breach the outer wall. Meanwhile, the sounds of clashing weapons and shielded can be heard as heroes clashes with the skeleton horde outside the wall.

However, the tide changed when Grams sabotaged the Flying Fortress it came crashing down to the ground. As a last ditch effort to break the heroes's morale, Sepulchure directed the Fortress toward Falconreach's Guardian Tower before escaped on Fluffy's back. In the end , both the tower and the fortress was destroyed with the remains floating on the nearby lake. While Falconreach was reeling from the crash, Sepulchure commanded the massive Beast of War to destroy the walls of Falconreach. However, the titanic undead was defeated by the The Hero and their baby dragon.

With a quarter of his army overrun by the heroes. Sepulchure himself appeared and challenge the Hero to a duel while a pocket of undead broke into the bank and steal the Darkness Orb. The Hero was swiftly defeated and was told of Lady Celestia's death by the hand of Xan. He turned, and walked away while the remaining undeads charge at the broken and battered defender.


In AQ and AQW it is said Falconreach was destroyed.


  • Falconreach is the biggest town in Dragon Fable, followed by Swordhaven
    • It's also the second biggest location on Lore, just after Riverine Keep
  • Falconreach keeps the Main Guardian Tower
  • The Main Falconreach NPC is Twilly.
  • Yulgar's Weaponshop used to be here before it was replaced by Lim's Store.
  • It is said that the previous name of Falconreach is Testopia
  • Acording to Lim, Falconreach is the worst place to hide someone.

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