Race: Unknown
Gender: Female

Elysia is Lady Celestia's apprentice.


Sunbreeze GroveEdit

"I'm still a little homesick. Lady Celestia is so nice, but things are so different here. And there's so much I don't know."

This means she is not native to the Sunbreeze Grove and wanted to become Lady Celestia's apprentice, to learn to work on Primal Dragon training, to help them focus their elemental powers, and see about new skills.

Lady Celestia teached Elysia very much.

Lady Celestia's DeathEdit

After Lady Celestia died, she has reinforced the area around the Sunbreeze Grove with protection magic, though she says some bonds go beyond magic, though that The Grove should be safe now. She says she will continue the Lady's work there and help as much with the war effort as she can in Falconreach. She says Lady Celestia taught her so much about the power of good and that teaching will not be in vain, that she will not rest as long as evil attacks.

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